Argument Testing Research

An argument testing research—usually conducted in one day at a law firm—is an excellent way for clients to begin developing a persuasive case story. This research allows EDGE consultants and the trial team to present a “rough draft” case story to a small group of surrogate jurors, then interview those jurors extensively about what aspects of the case story (and visuals) are effective/ineffective for them. This research saves a great deal on out-of-pocket expenses.

  • For a typical argument testing research, we recruit and carefully screen a group of surrogate jurors from the venue or a matched venue.
  • Jurors are given a short summary of the case and then listen to plaintiff and defense presentations. After each presentation, EDGE consultants and attorneys will interview jurors extensively to learn what aspects of the presentations they find effective or ineffective.
  • If desired, the presentations can be “retooled” and presented again to a second group of jurors in the afternoon.
  • This research provides an intense learning experience and often results in significant improvements to the overall case story.
  • After the research, we will conduct a strategy session with the trial team to discuss what has been learned or we will provide a memo summarizing what has been learned.