Mark S. Sobus, JD, PhD

Mark Sobus earned his doctorate in Social Psychology and his law degree from the Nation’s leading Law and Psychology Program at the University of Nebraska. The Nebraska program was designed to study and apply psychological principles and knowledge of human behavior to the legal system. A key value within the Law and Psychology Program was human dignity and an enduring respect for individuals and the way in which they interact with their social environment. These values carry over to Mark’s practice as a consultant. Having a healthy and honest respect for people as they strive to resolve often complex disputes is essential to really learning from them and is a central feature for how Mark studies and truly understands how jurors make decisions. Mark firmly believes that any form of jury research is really just a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. True jury consulting and litigation strategy is about respecting jurors and applying what has been learned through the empirical research process to the development of real and practical solutions to the problems his clients face.

While at Nebraska, Mark taught introductory and advanced social psychology courses, and he conducted basic and applied research on topics including social norms, attitudes and motivation. He has worked on hundreds of cases across the country assisting clients in the development of strategy for trial and mediation, witness preparation, and jury selection. Mark has published numerous articles on jury psychology and trial strategy, and he is routinely invited to speak at legal conferences.

Mark has been a distance runner for most of his life, having run numerous marathons, ultra-marathons, and even a 100- miler. While his times have slowed over the years, he would be happy to discuss this topic with anyone who is interested.

To learn more about Mark’s background, skills, and consulting practice, visit his LinkedIn page.