Jennifer M. Keeney, M.S.

JenniferJennifer Keeney has specialized in the field of jury decisionmaking and the evaluation of complex evidence for two decades. Over the course of her career, she has interviewed thousands of jurors. Her keen understanding of how jurors process case information allows her to quickly identify the challenges faced by her clients, and to provide creative, practical and persuasive strategies to overcome those challenges.

While earning her Master’s degree in Research Psychology, with a concentration in statistics and research design, Jennifer taught statistics and research methodology courses, and she conducted research in the areas of jury decisionmaking, police lineup identification accuracy, reliability of eyewitness testimony, and child suggestibility.

Jennifer’s experience spans 47 states and hundreds of civil and criminal cases in areas including product liability, insurance, intellectual property, securities, professional malpractice, anti-trust, contracts, toxic tort, personal injury, nursing home cases, employment law, qui tam cases, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, white collar crime, and capital murder. She routinely assists clients with the development of strategy for trial and mediation, witness preparation, and jury selection. Jennifer has delivered CLE presentations and spoken at a variety of professional conferences, including the DRI.

To learn more about Jennifer’s background, skills, and consulting practice, visit her LinkedIn page.