Independent Partner Review

Even without a jury research, you can still benefit from EDGE’s years of experience and its culture of collaboration. With an Independent Partner Review, two or more EDGE partners will independently review your case, then collaborate to provide you with experience-based answers to questions about trial strategy and a clear assessment of case risk and damages. The results of this review can be provided via email, conference call or at a live meeting.

Recent trial strategy questions that EDGE has answered via an Independent Partner Review include:

  • Should I concede liability in this case to try to avoid a punitive damage finding?
  • What can I do to identify jurors who are prone to high damages?
  • What, if any, defenses are likely to backfire with a jury?
  • How do I delicately handle the plaintiff’s significant pre-existing medical conditions?
  • What pitfalls am I missing in this case?
  • Beyond the obvious questions, what questions should I ask in voir dire?