EDGE before Trial

You spend countless hours preparing your case for trial, arbitration or mediation. Let EDGE help you hone down all of that work into a clear/visual/straightforward/persuasive case story. We customize every research and consulting engagement to meet your specific needs. Here are some examples of the different types of consulting and research that we offer before, during and after trial.

Theme Testing Research
Useful research for clients who need extensive feedback on case themes and answers to their key strategic questions.

Risk Assessment Research
This research is useful for clients trying to make the difficult decision of whether to push toward settlement or trial.

Argument Testing Research
An argument testing research is an excellent way for clients to begin developing a persuasive case story early in the life of a case.

Issue-Specific Focus Groups
Issue-specific focus groups are ideal for getting precise answers to one or two particularly troublesome case questions.

Jury Profiling Research
The goal of jury profiling research is to help the trial team effectively identify jurors who cannot be persuaded.

Mock Trial Research
Clients who retain us for this kind of research typically want extensive juror feedback on their witnesses, jurors’ reactions to detailed evidence presentations, and formal juror deliberations.

Arbitration Research
Our experience is not limited to jury trials. We have also conducted many mock arbitration researches, helping clients increase the likelihood of a favorable arbitration.

Bench Trial Research
This research (which typically involves retired federal judges) is a highly useful way to prepare a case for a bench trial.

Witness Preparation
We have helped attorneys prepare hundreds of company and expert witnesses for deposition, arbitration and trial.

Independent Partner Review
Two or more EDGE partners will independently review your case, then collaborate to provide you with clear answers to questions about trial strategy and an experience-based assessment of case risk and damages.

EDGE at Trial

EDGE will go to trial with you. Below are some of the services we provide during trial:

Jury Selection
Our goal in jury selection is to help your trial team “identify your enemies and protect your friends.”

Trial Monitoring
An EDGE consultant will attend the trial and provide ongoing “real-time” consulting, recommending strategies that counsel can implement immediately to communicate important messages to jurors.

“Shadow” Juries
EDGE will recruit and manage a small group of “shadow” jurors who monitor the trial each day.

EDGE after Trial

EDGE can stay involved after trial, helping you learn what went right and what went wrong to better prepare you for the next case.

Post-Trial Juror Interviews
EDGE will contact and conduct structured interviews with jurors after trial.