Beth Wilson Devlin, MA

Having practiced in the field of trial consulting for nearly twenty-five years, Beth Devlin is a seasoned trial consultant who possesses a wealth of knowledge about persuasion and the psychology of decision makers. Beth’s case experience spans more than forty states in both state and federal venues as well as Canada. She has studied jury behavior and the jury decision-making process in hundreds of complex criminal and civil cases in various areas including antitrust, patent and trade secrets, product liability, personal injury, toxic tort, contracts, employment, securities and accounting fraud, RICO, Medicaid fraud and insurance bad faith. Her consulting experience includes jury and bench trials as well as mediation, arbitration and hearings involving specialized decision makers. Over the years, she has learned from thousands of jurors and judges and developed a professional intuition that allows her to help her clients understand how jurors and judges will think about and react to even the most challenging aspects of their cases.

In her practice, Beth helps her clients with virtually all aspects of pre-trial and trial needs. She designs research that is methodologically sound and tailored to her clients’ needs and helps them to prepare effective, practical and persuasive messaging strategies for trial. She routinely works with fact and expert witnesses, including foreign witnesses, to help them prepare for deposition and trial so that they can communicate effectively to their decision makers. She also assists her clients with voir dire strategy, juror profiling and jury selection and provides on-site consultation and assistance with witness preparation at trial.

Beth graduated from Boston University cum laude and With Distinction, concentrating in psychology and statistics. She then earned a master’s degree in forensic psychology from The University of North Dakota. This unique graduate program is one of the few in the nation that intersects the two fields of psychology and the law. As a graduate student, Beth specialized in the study of jury psychology and human behavior.

Beth is frequently asked to lecture on various topics regarding jury psychology and has given numerous CLE presentations at professional conferences, law firms and other organizations. She also has provided consultation on select pro bono matters.

Beth is a Navy Brat based in the Providence, Rhode Island area. Although she has lived in many places, she has lived in New England for most of her life. She is a loyal Boston Red Sox fan as well as an avid sailor, road cyclist and competitive high power rifle marksman. She has applied her knowledge and experience from these recreational interests to multiple cases, including cycling accident cases.

To learn more about Beth’s background, skills, and consulting practice, visit her LinkedIn page.