Other Industries

Our experience is certainly not limited to the insurance, pharmaceutical, technology, oil and gas, and healthcare industries. We’ve also done significant work in the areas of securities litigation, general product liability, employment, contract, and construction litigation.

We love unusual cases and unusual venues and we have several uncommon specialties. For example, we have done a great deal of consulting and research work on airplane crash cases, “worn worker” railroad cases, and false advertising cases.

Below is a list of some of our work on many different kinds of civil litigation:

  • Anchorage, Alaska. Product liability case involving metal fatigue resulting in a plane crash.
  • Juneau, Alaska. Case involving a lawsuit against a financial firm.
  • West Virginia. Dram shop case.
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Case involving the crash of a commuter plane.
  • Chicago, Illinois. False advertising case.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana. Contract case against a healthcare provider.
  • Buffalo, New York. Case involving negligent testing of a consumer product.
  • Atlanta, Georgia. Contract case against a large bank.
  • West Virginia. Railroad “worn worker” cases.
  • Houston, Texas. Factory noise nuisance case.
  • New York. Financial fraud case.
  • Laredo, Texas. Case involving a dispute over mobile homes.
  • Dallas, Texas. Wildfire case against an electrical company.
  • Mobile, Alabama. Race discrimination case.
  • Houston, Texas. Criminal case involving asbestos.
  • New York. Securities case.
  • Florida. Multiple cases involving smokers suing tobacco companies.