Samantha D. Holmes, Ph.D.

Dr. Samantha (Sam) Holmes earned her doctorate in Social Psychology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Sam has worked in the field of jury psychology for almost two decades and has worked with clients on hundreds of different cases—including insurance/bad faith, intellectual property, pharmaceutical, amusement/leisure industry, product liability, tobacco, corporate fraud, antitrust, contract disputes, employment, toxic tort, securities, and medical and professional malpractice. She has worked on cases in a wide variety of venues including those in Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont, California, and even Alaska. She has helped attorneys from around the country develop persuasive strategies for both trial and mediation. Sam’s training and experience have made her highly skilled at data collection and interpretation, statistical analysis, and juror profiling and have given her impeccable interpersonal skills. Sam has written several published articles and served as a faculty lecturer at many law firms, as well as regional and national conferences including ones sponsored by the American Bar Association and the Defense Research Institute.

Sam and her partners often help clients understand and identify the strengths, vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities of their cases by conducting pre-trial jury research. Additionally, she and her colleagues help lawyers prepare witnesses and develop strategies to make them confident and persuasive communicators at deposition and trial. Sam helps clients in court with jury selection and helps the trial team develop ongoing trial strategy through opening statement analysis, trial monitoring and shadow juries. She also assists lawyers in understanding how jurors evaluated actual cases through conducting post-trial interviews.

When Sam is not helping attorneys tackle high-profile cases, she enjoys traveling and tackling the world’s best roller coasters.

To learn more about Sam’s background, skills, and consulting practice, visit her LinkedIn page.