Risk Assessment Research

This research is typically conducted early in the litigation process and designed to give clients feedback on case risk. It is useful for clients trying to make the difficult decision of whether to push toward settlement or trial.

  • For a “typical” risk assessment research, we will recruit and carefully a large sample surrogate jurors from the venue or a matched venue.
  • Jurors will answer a series of initial questions about their demographics and about beliefs related to the case.
  • Jurors then hear either truncated argumentative attorney presentations of the plaintiff and defense sides of the case or a neutral case presentation that describes both sides of the case.
  • Following the presentations, jurors will respond to verdict questions, damage questions, and questions that are designed to measure jurors’ reaction to case-specific issues, including open-ended questions where jurors provide written feedback.
  • We will examine all the data collected and prepare a report detailing how jurors reached their decisions and providing our analysis of case risk.