Few types of litigation are as challenging as medical malpractice. Defense attorneys frequently face physician or nurse witnesses with language difficulties, difficult-to-explain gaps in the medical record, hospitals with poor local reputations, and jurors who sometimes seem to hold medical professionals to a perfect—rather than a reasonable—standard of care.

We are familiar with the difficulties you face and we understand what it takes to persuade jurors to find for medical defendants. We are passionate about helping you defend medical professionals and hospitals. Our partners have done literally hundreds of consulting engagements, witness preparations, and jury research exercises across the country on a wide variety of medical malpractice matters.

Below are some of our medical malpractice cases and venues:

  • Dallas, Texas. Nurse’s failure to use the chain of command.
  • Huntington, West Virginia. Improper diagnosis of a child’s underlying disease.
  • Houston, Texas. Failure to do a C-section during a difficult delivery.
  • Montana. Failure to diagnose a child’s heart condition.
  • Northern California. Hospital sued for too many unnecessary heart surgeries.
  • Miami, Florida. Birth injury case.
  • West Palm Beach, Florida. Case involving a failure to properly diagnose.
  • Phoenix, Arizona. Hospital sued for allegedly failing to provide adequate security on its premises.
  • Birmingham, Alabama. Case involving a sexual assault by a hospital employee on a patient.
  • Mobile, Alabama. Case involving a negligent diagnosis and unnecessary surgery.
  • Houston, Texas. Retinopathy of prematurity cases.
  • Corpus Christi, Texas. Case involving a failure to diagnose a spinal injury.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana. Cases against a hospital related to its actions during Hurricane Katrina.

Our partners have been featured speakers at major hospital events, at national counsel meetings for large medical corporations, and at medical insurer conferences.


Our research is designed to get answers to your questions in the most cost-effective way possible. We understand that not every medical malpractice case warrants a large-scale jury research, so we have several other research designs to help you evaluate the risk of cases with smaller budgets. These designs include “argument testing” researches done at law firms, secure online studies and surveys (a methodology that is becoming more and more common), and issue-specific focus groups. Our goal is always to answer your questions and to develop strategies that will help you win.

Below are some client questions we were able to answer:

  • What will jurors think if the doctor “points the finger” of blame at the nurses?
  • How can our nurse explain why she didn’t access the chain of command?
  • Will the problems in the quality of care affect our causation case?
  • Does it help or hurt the defense to point out the plaintiff’s contribution to his or her outcome?
  • How can we explain the gaps in the treatment record?
  • What kind of local reputation does our hospital have and will it affect the strength of our case?