Bench Trial Research

  • For a “typical” bench trial research, we will recruit and carefully screen 3-4 judges (often retired federal judges or senior-level attorneys). Clients are usually heavily involved in the selection of the mock judges.
  • The judges will then hear argumentative attorney presentations of the plaintiff and defense sides of the case. These presentations are often divided into formal opening statements and closing arguments, but they can also be organized into issue-specific “modules”. After each presentation, judges provide extensive written feedback about specific case issues and about how they believe the presentation can be strengthened.
  • Following the presentations, judges can view extensive video or live testimony from key witnesses.
  • Following the presentations and witness testimony, judges deliberate to a verdict. They are then debriefed by EDGE consultants about issues of concern to the client and trial team. Judges are also typically debriefed by members of the trial team.
  • We will analyze all the feedback collected and prepare a report detailing how judges are likely to process key case issues and how they react to key case witnesses, and describing specific strategic ideas for how to capitalize on case strengths and address case vulnerabilities.