What is it? EDGEOnline is jury research done entirely online, with online presentations and online survey participants.

Why do it? We noticed that clients sometimes wanted an early look at their case without the time and expense of doing a full-blown live jury research. We developed EDGEOnline to give clients access to large sample sizes that were available online (from 50 to 200+ participants). We have found that online participants provide remarkably rich and detailed written feedback about the case being tested.

How is EDGEOnline different? We treat our online studies exactly like our live studies. Online participants are recruited in the same way—by phone, not through some anonymous online database. We use many different security measures to ensure that participants are accurately identified and pay attention to the presentations, including IP address validation, metadata checks, code words, and timing checks. All participants also sign confidentiality agreements.


We work closely with clients to develop accurate, argumentative presentations for both sides of the case.


The scripts are recorded onto video. They can be as long as 30-45 minutes per side.


We develop a detailed questionnaire that assesses participants’ verdict decisions, damages, and even how they react to specific arguments.


We recruit and screen online participants (usually 50 to 100) in exactly the same way as participants for our live studies.


Participants log on to a secure server to answer questions about case-relevant attitudes, watch the video presentations, and then answer detailed questions about the case.


Soon after the survey is complete, EDGE professionals meet with the trial team for an interactive feedback meeting.