Patricia A. Hastings, PhD

Dr. Patricia Hastings has been involved in extensive research in the areas of social psychology and the law for over two decades. She received her PhD from the Psychology Program at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Hastings has specialized in the study of jury decision-making in both applied and academic settings. Her focus is identifying the decision process used by decision-makers (e.g., jurors, judges) in complex legal matters and applying that knowledge to assist clients in crafting strategic persuasive communications. Dr. Hastings also spends much of her time helping domestic and foreign witnesses to become more effective communicators during deposition and/or trial. She has provided trial consulting services in complex civil matters in areas such as patent, anti-trust, tort, contracts, employment, product liability, and malpractice. She has taught numerous courses in research methodology and statistics, and spoken at numerous conferences and seminars on jury persuasion issues.